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What are the percussion instruments suitable for children?

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Introduction: This article mainly introduces percussion instruments suitable for children to learn, to help us enrich children's leisure activities, entertain the body and mind.

The children's percussion instrument is a percussion instrument specially designed for children. The children's percussion instrument is a popular item in domestic kindergartens and children's paradise in recent years. Common percussion instruments for young children generally include tambourine, wooden fish, sand hammer , castanets, touch bell , xylophone, triangle iron and so on. Because children's percussion instruments are very beneficial to children, they are loved by many amusement parks, children's parks and parents.

Percussion instruments for children

(1) Touch the bell (also called small bell)

This is a pair of small bells made of metal. The two bells are fixed relatively with a not-thick rope or a wooden handle that can be gripped. The sound is caused by the vibration caused by the impact. The sound of ringing bells is crisp, soft, and high and light, which is a high musical instrument among percussion instruments. It can express both strong and weak beats of music, and is the most commonly used musical instrument in kindergarten.

Percussion instruments for children

(2) Sand hammer

Sha hammer is a vibrato instrument, also known as sand ball. A rhythmic percussion instrument that originated from the South American Indians. The traditional sand mallet uses a spherical dried gourd with some hard seeds or crushed stones inside, with the slender neck of the gourd as the handle. When shaking, the hard particles hit the wall of the gourd to make a sound. There are also wooden mallets, pottery, rattan, and plastic sandbags with similar shapes, containing beads, lead shots, and other objects. Usually hold one shake in each hand.

Percussion instruments for children

(3) Xylophone

Xylophone is a percussion instrument, which is composed of a set of small rectangular wooden blocks. Depending on the length of the wooden blocks, the wooden blocks are arranged in a certain order. During the performance, two wooden mallets are used to knock on the wooden block, and the sound is like a dry tap of the bone. The sound quality is strong and harsh, and it has extraordinary penetrating power. The range of modern xylophones has three octaves. In the past, the notation of xylophones was octave lower than the actual pitch. Since St. Sang, the notation is written according to the actual pitch. But the xylophone needs the accompaniment of other instruments (such as piano, orchestra, etc.) to set off its unique tone and make it more attractive.

Percussion instruments for children

(4) Triangle iron

This is a cylindrical steel bar bent into an equilateral triangle, suspended at one end with a rope, and sounded by tapping with another metal rod. Its timbre is close to that of a ringing bell, but the volume is higher than that of a ringing bell, and the continuation sound is longer than that of a ringing bell. There are two ways to play: one is to hang the rope of the triangle iron on the left hand, and hit the bottom edge of the triangle iron with the metal rod on the right; the other is to use the metal rod to quickly strike the left and right sides of the triangle iron or the circle in a circle. Side, will produce intense and special sound effects.

Percussion instruments for children

(5) Castanets (also known as arc plates)

This is a musical instrument composed of two shell-shaped wooden blocks connected by an elastic band in the middle. It is pronounced by the vibration caused by the impact of the two wooden blocks. Its tone is crisp and round. There are two playing methods: one is to put an elastic band on the middle finger of the right hand, and the sound of the two boards is hit by the pinch of the middle finger and the thumb; the other is to place the castanets in the heart of the left hand and use the palm of the right hand Struck and made a sound. The latter method is more suitable for the performance of young children.

Percussion instruments for children

(6) Muyu

This is a musical instrument carved in wood, shaped like a fish, empty in the middle and open in the head. It is pronounced by striking the fish head with another wooden tapping stick. Its timbre is close to castanets. The method of playing is to hold the "tail of the fish" in the left hand and tap the top of the "fish head" in the rhythm with the stick in the right hand.

Percussion instruments for children

(7) Double sound tube

This is a wooden tube with a knot in the middle and a handle at the lower end. It is a musical instrument that is pronounced by the percussion of another wooden percussion stick. Its timbre is similar to Muyu, simply and clear, with no continuous sound. Usually used to simulate the sound of a horseshoe. Percussion on the two loudspeakers separated by the ends will produce different levels of sound, generally the difference between the two sounds is about five degrees. The method of playing is to hold the handle with the left hand and tap with the stick with the right hand. You can tap one end of the tube, or you can tap both ends of the tube at the same time, making a horseshoe sound similar to "du" and "du".

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