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What are the materials of children's outdoor slides

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Most outdoor amusement industries will introduce slide projects. This product appeared very early and has low risk. It can attract the love of many young children. Parents are more at ease. Most of these projects do not require personnel to take care of them. Children can organize them themselves. Save worry and trouble, but buyers should know what materials and varieties of children's outdoor slides are.

Children's playground equipment

1. Cement structure

What are the varieties of children's outdoor slides? The cement structure appeared very early, and its advantages are also very significant. As a permanent facility, it can be used for a long time, with an average life of 20 years. The cost is very low. A set of equipment can be completed at only a few thousand yuan, and the subsequent maintenance is also very Simple, regular cleaning is enough. Even if it is damaged, it can be repaired with cement. However, this structure has basically been eliminated. First, the product is not beautiful enough, and secondly, it cannot be moved, which takes up a lot of space.

2. Wooden structure

In the play environment of young children, the load-bearing capacity of the wooden structure is fully up to the standard. This product has a relatively low cost and is generally modularized. It is assembled after arriving at the location. It is more common in many kindergartens and outdoor playgrounds. It is provided for three to five years old. For children around, the cost is about 10,000 yuan, and it can be painted in different colors according to needs, which is more eye-catching.

Children's playground equipment

3. Stainless steel material

As a new type of slide on the market, it brings a higher grade, smoothness and sanitation. Bacteria cannot survive on the surface of stainless steel. It comes with a natural cleaning function, and the stainless steel will not rust. It does not need to be painted in the outdoor environment. The rust agent can withstand the sun exposure and rainstorm washing, and still maintain the quality. The most important thing is that although its one-time purchase cost is high, because the stainless steel material can be reused, the transfer can also be sold as second-hand waste in the future. Energy value returns. This kind of product needs to be moulded and welded. At the same time, the weight is relatively large. The purchase cost is generally about 100,000 yuan, which is regarded as the highest price of its kind.

What materials are there for children's outdoor slides? The above is a brief description. There are also some composite structural materials on the market, such as steel structure inside and plastic or rubber outside. Most of these products cannot meet outdoor requirements. Plastics will change rapidly under sunlight, causing cracks or cracks. Fading and other phenomena

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