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Tips about climbing

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Introduction: This article mainly introduces some tips for rock climbing to help us to save more effort and safety when climbing, and we can get higher ability exercises.

Tips about climbing

1.When climbing, be sure to cling to the rock wall. When traverse or top rope, choose the best position of each foot point encountered, and move the foot to this point accurately. Do not leave your feet away from your feet until your feet are fully seated. As the level increases, the movement speed is increased.

2. Hang, use the toes or heels to hang on the rock, maintain the balance of the body and move the body.

Tread, use the front foot to step on a larger fulcrum, reduce the burden on the upper limbs, and move the body.

3. Lifting one foot at a time will save the strength of the arm. Very small strips, small rough marks, hand-shaped ripples, and natural features on the rock wall that are only fixed with screws.

4. Look at the route and think about where to go next, and then move your hands and feet to the corresponding points. Choose a foot point and place the foot in the best position. Before the foot touches, close your eyes and use the feeling of space to complete the footfall. Keep your eyes closed until you are sure to put your feet in place. First evaluate the quality of the stepping point by feeling, and then open your eyes to confirm. Choose the next fulcrum and continue.

Tips about climbing

5. When resting during climbing, keep close to the rock wall. Imagine the toe frozen on the fulcrum at the moment when the foot stepped on the point; the relationship between the foot and the fulcrum could not be changed without rotation, tilt or reset. Just bend your ankle when exerting force. Learn to establish a large area of contact between the foot and the fulcrum, and feel this contact, and then try to maintain this maximum contact as the other parts of the body move.

6. Push, use the rock mass or object on the side and below to move the body with the power of the arm.

Zhang, put your hand into the gap, flex with your palm or fingers to open the rock climbing, and use the gap in the rock as a fulcrum to move your body.

Pedal, use the force of the inner forefoot or toes to support the body and reduce the burden on the upper limbs.

Cross, use your own flexibility, avoid difficult points, and seek a favorable support point.

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