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Problems that children need to pay attention to when playing trampoline

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Every child will have a very energetic and childlike character and heart as they grow up. When children are young, there is such a toy that children love to play, that is, trampoline. In many places, as long as we go out and play together, you can see very beautiful and fun inflatable trampolines erected in the center of the venue in the major playgrounds and parks. There will also be many elastic trampolines scattered around the playground and the park. At this time, we You will see many children and adults playing happily on it...

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1. So what dangerous things will happen during the trampoline?

When the babies jump on the trampoline, moms must be careful! Some joints of the baby's knees and elbows must be protected. Because in this process, a realm that is very likely to put the baby in danger is synovitis.

Regarding synovitis, as the name suggests, this is a disease that occurs on human joints. Under normal circumstances, the normal joint synovium secretes a small amount of lubricating fluid in the joint cavity, so that the lubricating fluid will affect the joints. In order to lubricate and protect the joints, if there is no good muscle group protection during exercise, it will cause an abrasion to the synovium in the joint, leading to the occurrence of synovitis. The reason why children are prone to synovitis when jumping on the trampoline is that the baby does not have a good posture to jump when jumping, and there is no good warm-up, which will cause the baby to have symptoms of synovitis. So parents must help the baby take a good protective measure before the baby plays!

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2. So how should parents help their baby take some precautions before trampoline?

(1) Protect joints during sports activities

The first thing parents need to do is to protect the joints in advance before the baby plays on the trampoline. Under normal circumstances, the knee joint is most likely to occur because the knee joint is often used in sports such as trampoline. A joint will be used, so before exercise, parents can ask the baby to do a knee loop or take some external protective materials to protect the knee joint, which can better prevent and reduce Injury of the knee joint.

(2) Prepare for warm-up before exercise

Since many of the baby's muscle groups have not developed a more complete state, at this time, before the baby does some strenuous exercise, parents must let the child do enough warm-up exercises before exercise, if the baby is in a static state, go directly Jumping to bouncing is likely to cause the baby’s joint strains, etc. Therefore, parents must guide the baby to prepare for warm-up before exercising. At the same time, during exercise, parents should also pay attention to the amount and extent of the baby's exercise. For the baby, it must not be excessive!

The above is an introduction to some of the symptoms that occur when babies like trampoline and a summary of the general content of some precautions parents should do before the baby exercises. Seeing parents here, how do you usually do? Supervise the baby to exercise? Does your baby in your family love jumping on the trampoline?

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