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How to choose the right children's playground equipment

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Investing in children's playgrounds is far from simple.

Not to mention the overall planning and design of amusement parks, cultural IP themes, and not to mention business strategy plans. The basic amusement facilities alone are enough for investors to spend a lot of energy.

The amusement park operated by the heart must not be random, and choosing the right equipment is the key. According to the size of the venue, the layout of the amusement facilities needs to be rationally planned. For example, indoor parks should not use oversized equipment; depending on the theme, the amusement facilities need to be flexibly changed. For example, the distinctive theme of the Three Kingdoms culture, you can not obviously use Western cultural colors Equipment; according to the different objects of use, it is necessary to choose the equipment properly, the equipment in the children's area should choose the lowest risk, and so on.

The right equipment is often the first step in amusement park success. So what are the more popular alternative devices on the market today, and what are the unique new styles worth starting?

Children's amusement park

Launched the first child development project

The age range of 7 to 14 years is more suitable for some comprehensive expansion amusement projects. Children's expansion training is designed according to the characteristics of children, through a scientific three-dimensional combination to form a sports program that integrates sports, expansion, entertainment and education. He can be expressed as specific facilities and equipment including jungle tree house, leap swing, maze escape, etc.

Regardless of whether it is outdoor or indoor, most of the expansion training consists of crossing projects. It sets up and builds various difficult and more stimulating levels in vertical spaces to allow children to experience high-altitude climbing, feel the stimulation of crossing obstacles, and let children Learn in adventure and entertain! At the same time, it can hone your will, challenge yourself, stimulate your potential, and increase self-confidence. This is the specific feeling and derivative meaning brought about by expanding the amusement.

Children's amusement park

Second, the ultimate characteristic project

From a specific product point of view, even aside from cultural significance and IP empowerment, the equipment selected by a refined amusement park can be quite high-quality, which means that the industrial design sense is perfectly displayed in front of tourists, not appearance It's mediocre, not the same, not to mention boring.

In terms of water parks, many water parks are still dominated by large water slides, but the stagnation of innovation is reflected in these places. Each water park has a large slide. Where are the features? Whether the internal structure of the slide is different or the style of the slide is very different, these are not true features.

In addition to the idea of the slide park paradise, the details of each water play facility are handled well, which is regarded as a feature. Imagine that in addition to the slides, this water park has many small water play equipment for everyone to use. There are pedal-driven, sound-controlled, bionic shapes, and even the shadow of ancient water conservancy facilities. These may be more capable. Count as features.

Children's amusement park

Some of the specific amusement projects described above may be single in the end in terms of products. Although the functions they carry are good, they are still limited.

In fact, there is no shortage of innovative ideas for new and unique amusement products. What would be the effect of bringing together theaters, tree houses, restaurants, ocean balls, climbing nets, and the most common trampoline slides, etc., and forming an integrated aerial monolithic project? In fact, many investors are hard to think of such planning and design, and their eyes are still on the more basic amusement design, and a highly comprehensive amusement product like Sky City may become a new trend of new unpowered facilities in the future. .

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