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Five benefits of outdoor fitness

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This article mainly introduces the five benefits of outdoor fitness for our body

Outdoor fitness equipment

First of all, the benefits of fitness are many aspects, it can improve the function of the heart and lungs, especially during aerobic exercise, such as running or swimming, can improve the contractility of the heart and increase lung capacity. Secondly, fitness can improve the metabolism of blood lipids, reduce the level of blood lipids, and can improve insulin resistance, lower blood sugar levels, and reduce the incidence of diabetes. Third, fitness can reduce weight, reduce the proportion of body fat, make muscles more developed, and can increase the basal metabolic rate. Finally, fitness may improve bone strength, make bones stronger, and reduce the occurrence of osteoporosis.

Outdoor fitness and indoor fitness are both a way we choose to exercise, and outdoor fitness is more and more popular because it allows us to be closer to nature. People in many countries love to stay close to nature and sunbathe. This is one of them, and outdoor sports are more popular, such as swimming, parkour, skydiving, mountain climbing, etc., and people who like fitness even design outdoor gyms. For example, "Park Gym" in Los Angeles and "Beach Gym" in Ukraine. Both are designed for outdoor fitness enthusiasts.

Why is outdoor fitness so popular? Because of its many advantages.

Outdoor fitness equipment

Advantage 1: Make your body and mind more comfortable

Outdoor sunlight will stimulate a special brain chemical substance in the human body-serotonin.

Studies have shown that serotonin can increase people's mood, reduce anxiety, and make you feel calm and focused. Outdoor sports will increase serotonin. Recall that when you finish a ten-kilometer run, an uphill bicycle race, a football game, and you stop, you will feel refreshed and full of energy. That's right, this is the release effect of serotonin.

Outdoor fitness equipment

Advantage 2: make your bones healthier

For your body, sunlight will trigger your body to produce vitamin D, and vitamin D will help the body to promote the synthesis of calcium, calcium is an important part of maintaining the health of the body and bones, and calcium can also improve the body's immunity.

Therefore, outdoor exercise can keep your bones healthy, and for teenagers, it can make you grow taller and improve your body's immunity.

Outdoor fitness equipment

Advantage 3: Improve concentration

Research shows that whether you are running on the sidewalk or cycling in the woods, the changing outdoor environment will enhance your exercise experience. Compared to monotonous indoor sports, outdoor sports can increase concentration.

Because the natural environment is diverse and changing, and novel scenery can attract our attention and make us more focused.

Outdoor fitness equipment

Advantage 4: enhance your exercise results

Due to wind, outdoor sports can help you burn more calories.

Wind is also a natural resistance to the body, forcing you to increase the difficulty of exercise to a certain extent, thereby burning more calories.

British scientists have shown that people who run on treadmills at the same distance do not consume more calories than people who run outdoors.

Outdoor fitness equipment

Advantage 5: Improve the body's ability to resist damage

Due to the complex and changeable outdoor environment, your body will be affected when it is trained outdoors. From another aspect, your body will be challenged differently to exercise your body and joints.

Indoor training can't do this. The treadmill has always been a flat track, while outdoor running has steps, downhill and uphill. These complex environments can exercise your bones and joints, so that your body can resist damage. The ability to increase.

All in all, the benefits of outdoor fitness are many, for those who like fitness, be sure to add it to your training.

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