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Children's playground adapted to local conditions

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Exquisite design and planning is the key to the success of children's theme parks. Whether children’s theme parks can be successful or not is reflected in the fact that children can't buy it, but children don't understand design. Designers may step on minefields despite their whimsical ideas. At that time, after all, what kind of design and what kind of playground the children need is worth thinking about.

Children are an innocent and beautiful group. What they love and pursue is their inherent innocence. How can a theme park display such characteristics so that innocent children can have a purer play experience, perhaps close to nature , Return to nature, and embrace nature are the most sincere designs.

The physical elements of nature are now in many park designs, but not every one can do it well. Common design methods that take nature and make use of nature include water parks, sand parks, jungle adventure parks, and so on. Analysis of this kind of theme children's playground, you will find that these natural scenes are more subtle than artificial processing, and they are popular.

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1. Water park

Many people have the habit of being close to water since they were young. The water element is used very well in amusement parks, but whether it is a water trampoline or a water slide, it is always almost meaningless. The overall natural environment atmosphere is difficult to arouse the hearts of children. Resonance, the design of children's water parks by absorbing natural elements should be at the seaside, by the lake, and in the flowing mountains, rather than enclosing a plot of land and making a circle to make a water park.

Therefore, the natural location factors play a unique role in the design of the children's playground.

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2. Sand Paradise

Let's talk about the issue of materials. Whether it is imported paint or domestic stainless steel, it is always an industrial material. The equipment made of these materials is indeed very sensual and exquisite, but if the natural elements are missing, it will still make people feel incomprehensible and intimacy. , And the sandy paradise will get rid of this predicament very well. The real soft fine sand does have a natural attraction to the children, combined with the colorful entertainment equipment, they can hardly refuse.

The combination of natural materials is the finishing touch in the design of the children's playground.

Children's playground equipment

3. Jungle Paradise

Jungle exploration and jungle crossing are literally attractive to children. The children's playground is planned with the jungle, which absorbs a large amount of forest and tree elements, arouses the children's curiosity, and allows them to experience fun in the curiosity. This kind of atmosphere is something that indoor amusement can't give at all, and the impression will naturally be more profound.

The use of natural scenes plays an irreplaceable advantage in the design of children's playgrounds.

By choosing natural locations, combining natural scenes, and using natural materials, the design of the children’s playground will be more cordial, soft and exquisite.

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