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Benefits of laying artificial turf in kindergarten

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As the country increases investment in education and parents pay more and more attention to pre-school education, the requirements for supporting facilities in kindergartens are also increasing. It is very common for kindergarten activity venues, or green or colored artificial lawns. Why do more and more kindergartens choose artificial turf as floor material? That is because the kindergarten artificial turf products have the following advantages and benefits:

Kindergarten artificial turf

1. Environmental protection and health

Children are in close contact with artificial turf every day when they are outdoors. The grass fiber material of artificial grass is mainly PE polyethylene, which is a plastic material. The artificial grass uses high-quality raw materials and is finished when leaving the factory, making the product It is tasteless and non-toxic, contains no volatile harmful substances and heavy metals, has no harm to health and no pollution to the environment, and has passed various domestic and international authoritative tests. The plastic, silicon PU, acrylic and other materials are semi-finished products when they leave the factory, and need to be reprocessed on site, which is susceptible to secondary pollution and poses a greater risk.

2. ensure sports safety

The high-quality kindergarten artificial turf is soft and comfortable, and the artificial grass is made of high-density soft monofilament. The process structure simulates natural grass. The softness is comparable to the long-pile carpet. It is dense and elastic. It is more slippery than other floor materials in rainy days. Protect children from injuries caused by accidental falls, rolling, scrapes, etc., so that children can play happily on the lawn and enjoy their childhood.

3. Long service life

The service life of artificial turf depends on factors such as product formula, technical parameters, raw materials, production process, finishing processing, construction process, and use and maintenance. The design requirements for artificial turf suitable for kindergarten are higher. The co-created kindergarten artificial grass series products can effectively resist the aging caused by ultraviolet rays. After authoritative testing, the service life can reach 6-10 years. Compared with other floor materials, it has obvious advantages.

Kindergarten artificial turf

4. the colors are richer and brighter

The co-creation kindergarten artificial turf products have very rich colors. In addition to the traditional shades of green, there are red, pink, yellow, blue, yellow, black, white, brown, etc. colored lawns, which can form a rainbow runway. Can also be customized into rich cartoon patterns. This can make the kindergarten venue more perfect in terms of pattern design, beautification, combination, and matching with the school building.

5. Realizing the demand for multi-functional site construction

The kindergarten is limited by the venue and often has limited activity space. It is stretched to build a variety of sports and games venues in the park. But if laying artificial lawn multi-function sports and game places, relying on the flexible performance of the product design, installation, organization, can solve such problems to a certain extent. Kindergarten artificial turf can distinguish various types of venues by products of different colors, and realize the coexistence of multiple functional venues. Moreover, the artificial grass silk has clear and beautiful colors, is not easy to fade, and has a long service life. In this way, kindergartens can achieve diversity, comprehensiveness, and richness in children's teaching and activities.

6. construction and maintenance are more convenient

Compared with plastic, kindergarten artificial turf has a more stable construction process and more convenient maintenance. During the construction of the site, the artificial turf only needs to cut the product size to the size of the site, and then adhere firmly. In the later maintenance, if the site is accidentally damaged locally, only the local damage needs to be replaced. It can be restored as before. The construction quality of other semi-finished floor materials is affected by multiple factors such as temperature, humidity, basic conditions, the level of construction personnel and even dedication and integrity. Moreover, when the site is partially damaged by accident during use, the process of returning to the original state is very difficult, and the maintenance cost also increases accordingly.

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